Heart Disease Mitigated By Ventricular Support Device

Heart Disease Mitigated By Ventricular Support Device

A ventricular support device is a portable device that allows a patient to return home and continue with their normal activities after it has been surgically implanted. This device is designed to assist the heart in pumping blood, and it can be a life-saving intervention for individuals with severe heart conditions. Once implanted, the patient can carry the device with them and often go about their daily life while receiving support for their heart function. This can enable patients to enjoy a better quality of life and maintain a degree of independence despite their heart condition.

Improved symptoms may include:

• Better breathing
• Less fatigue
• More strength
• Ability to conduct daily activities
• Longer survival

A. Skin entry site
B. External battery pack
C. System controller

D. Aorta
E. Tricuspid valve
F. Outflow graft
G. Cable to system controller
H. Mitral valve
I. Left ventricle
J. Papillary muscle
K. Inflow to cannula
L. Cannula pump


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