Arcus Senilis

Arcus Senilis

Arcus senilis, also referred to as corneal arcus, is a benign condition characterized by the gradual accumulation of lipids or fats in the peripheral cornea of the eye. This phenomenon typically manifests as a visible white or grayish ring encircling the outer edge of the cornea. It is more commonly observed in older individuals. As people age, changes in lipid metabolism can contribute to the formation of arcus senilis. The condition is generally considered a normal part of aging, and on its own,it doesn’t typically lead to vision impairment or discomfort.

For individuals under the age of 40, the appearance of corneal arcus is less common and could potentially signify an underlying lipid metabolism disorder or other health conditions. Arcus senilis present in only one eye could indicate a problem with the carotid artery or underlying atherosclerotic disease. In such cases, medical professionals may recommend additional evaluations and screenings to understand the root cause of the lipid deposits. Arcus senilis is generally a benign condition that is common in older adults. It is most common in men and in people of African or Southeast Asian descent.

Arcus senilis
Lipids travel through small capillaries in the sclera and build up in the limbus. They can grow with time and eventually form a ring around the entire cornea.
Lipid deposits
Border between the cornea and sclera
Arcus senilis
Normal eye
Unilateral arcus senilis
Unlike bilateral arcus senilis, if the ring is present in only one eye, this can indicate a problem with the carotid artery or indicate underlying atherosclerotic disease.
Arcus juvenilis
If corneal arcus develops in people under the age of 40, it is called arcus juvenilis and may indicate an underlying condition.

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